Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Austin Comic-Con and PHA Bowling Photos

Powerhouse Animation Studios had a pretty busy week last week.

Mike Daubert, Sony Art Director, and Brad Graeber, Powerhouse CEO, hit the first Austin comic con to check out giant Superman drawings because despite working on 30 mins of cinemas for DC Universe online, they can't get enought Jim Lee!

The comic con had the Batmobile, Burt Ward, and Adam West in attendence.

Powerhouse artists' like Chris Beaver took advantage of the con coming into town to showcase their skills.

Sam Lotfi, another talented Powerhouser, sold sketch books and commission sketches to fans.

At the end of the week, the Powerhouse crew went bowling to introduce some new employees to everyone.

(LtoR)Frank Gabriel, Powerhouse CCO, Ed Booth, Adam Deats, and Jeff Freeman prepare to bowl, and prepare to discuss Powerhouse ball wipes.

Phil Knoll talks with new employee Chris Von Der Gruen

Powerhouse COO, Bruce Tinnin, and Cindy Crowell discuss the finer points of the game.

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