Monday, July 25, 2011

Whiteboard Animation!

Here at Powerhouse Animation we frequently get client requests for whiteboard-style animations. Thanks to the team at Appleseed Partners we were finally able to bring this idea to life!

We made this video for local company that provides an extremely technical (albeit extremely useful) product that may be difficult for your typical layperson to understand. We used our animation savvy to put together this introductory video that we hope brings their ideas to life in a way that is both easily understood as well as creative and entertaining.

Stay tuned for more whiteboard-style pieces from Powerhouse in the future...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lightbox's Starhawk comes to Comic-Con!

Our good friends over at Lightbox Interactive are in San Diego this week promoting their upcoming game, Starhawk, at Comic-Con and it is getting a ton of buzz!

The game, which officially debuted at e3 a few weeks ago, is set to release in Spring 2012, and we cannot wait! The team at Powerhouse has been working on creating cinematics for Starhawk that are a hybrid form of motion comics and animation. The space-western universe and "wanted" poster style that Lightbox designed really lends itself well to some amazing cinematics that we are all really proud of!

If you're at Comic-Con this week, make sure to check out the Starhawk panel on Sunday, July 24th!
Also, check out Lightbox President, Dylan Jobe's post on the official playstation blog! Thanks to Dylan, Lars, Adam, and the rest of the crew over at Lightbox for this great opportunity, and good luck at the Con!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Did someone say Donkey Cannons??

Yes, yes they did. And that can only mean one thing... Risk Factions is coming to facebook!

The wonderful folks at EA who brought you Risk Factions for Xbox Live are now bringing the brilliant irreverence of Yeti Lamas, donkey cannons, CAT-a-pults, and brain eating contests to facebook. The Powerhouse team has been ceaselessly working on bringing these wacky factions to life, and we are all anxiously awaiting its imminent arrival. Start training your robot army and get geared up for Risk Factions, facebook-style.

Check out what Kotaku is saying about it here.

Much thanks to Spencer Brooks and the rest of the EA team for allowing us to partner with them on this exciting project!