Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lightbox's Starhawk comes to Comic-Con!

Our good friends over at Lightbox Interactive are in San Diego this week promoting their upcoming game, Starhawk, at Comic-Con and it is getting a ton of buzz!

The game, which officially debuted at e3 a few weeks ago, is set to release in Spring 2012, and we cannot wait! The team at Powerhouse has been working on creating cinematics for Starhawk that are a hybrid form of motion comics and animation. The space-western universe and "wanted" poster style that Lightbox designed really lends itself well to some amazing cinematics that we are all really proud of!

If you're at Comic-Con this week, make sure to check out the Starhawk panel on Sunday, July 24th!
Also, check out Lightbox President, Dylan Jobe's post on the official playstation blog! Thanks to Dylan, Lars, Adam, and the rest of the crew over at Lightbox for this great opportunity, and good luck at the Con!

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