Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween at the Animation Studio!

The gang at Powerhouse Animation got decked out today in honor of Halloween and here are some of the costume highlights...

Kellan as Marty McFly

The red unit ladies representing for Mario Bros

Nyk as Mario

Jedi Aaron

Cindy as... a punk rock Viking? Whatever it is, it's rad.

Patrick as Carmine from Gears of War

Steph as Jubilee from X-Men

Happy Halloween from everyone at Powerhouse Animation!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Powerhouse at GDC Online!

Powerhouse Animation headed downtown this week to exhibit at GDC Online. It was great to show off some of our more recent work and see tons of our clients in action! Thanks to the gang at Motus Digital for letting us share their space and ride their coattails a bit. Their real-time motion capture technology is one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time!

Check out our booth. We got many compliments about how "colorful" it was!

My serious bling for the week:

Brad and I got a chance to hang out with our friends at the Vigil Games booth. Brad is serious business with that Darksiders sword...

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain... (Thanks, Ben, that thing was heavy)

This guy came to talk shop about our work on Epic Mickey and showed off his most excellent Bunny Children tattoo. Did anyone from Junction Point meet this guy?

Our friends at Motus Digital had a crowd surrounding them all day to check out their George W. Bush skype chat...

Ryan from Motus and I talk shop (ie. fantasy football) with a convention attendee. I'm not sure who was the source of the hysterical laughter here, but I'm guessing it was me.

Brad represents for 2D animation. Get it, Brad!

George W. waves at me from Dallas as I take his photo on the Motus monitor

I made a new friend in the MaxCDN Cheetah. Until next year, Max...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Powerhouse in the Park

The gang at Powerhouse Animation has been working so hard lately that we decided to give ourselves a little break. Last Friday we took a half day at the studio and headed to Zilker Park for the afternoon for some pizza, relaxation, and of course flag football...

Intense pre-game huddles as the Red Unit and Yellow Unit prepare to match up

Doug Beck and Micah Lincoln accidentally wore the same outfit. How embarrassing for them! And intimidating for us...

Jason Williams and Patrick Quiring doing some stretching before the big game. Great job guys, don't want you to pull anything!

Some of the ladies of Powerhouse, Rachel Citron, Stephanie Delota and Bridgette Michaud relax on the sidelines while Adam Deats looks on.

Thanks for the pizza, Powerhouse!

One of Powerhouse Animation's newest members, Evgeny Lubaev, brought his family along to celebrate his son's birthday! I think Adam wants to babysit.

Bridgette and Micah show some enthusiasm for park day.

Louie Granda tries to psych out the competition with his menacing stare.

Thanks to the awesome management at Powerhouse for letting us take a much needed break and spend some quality time outside. Hopefully the super competitive red unit vs. yellow unit match-up won't make for any awkward tension around the office...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

MoneyIsland on the News!

Our friends over at BancVue made an appearance on the news this week in North Carolina with a featured segment on MoneyIsland! My Carolina Today did a piece on the online interactive that teaches kids valuable financial skills. Powerhouse Animation teamed up with BancVue to create several animated videos that pop up throughout game play to help lead players towards financial success.

Congrats to the team at BancVue! Go check out MoneyIsland!