Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fantastic Fest- Halo premiere

Things have been very busy at the animation studio. We have been wrapping cinemas for Disney's Epic Mickey and Sony's DC Universe Online, and GDC has been going on this week in Austin.

Things have been so busy that we have not had a chance to update the blog. Time to fix that.

Two weeks ago at Fantastic Fest we debuted the trailer and the first episode of our project for Halo Waypoint. We are working on a Waypoint series called Apt. 117. The series is being written and animated at the studio and we are very excited to be a part of the process. We are working with some great folks at 343 Industries, and Alison Stroll from 343 came down and sat on the panel for the premiere with us.

They released the trailer today on youtube. Check it out here:

We also showed the first episode at the con.

The panel consisted of (l to r) Micah Lincoln (writer, voice, animator), Brad Graeber (Powerhouse CEO), Alison Stroll (producer, 343 Industries), Jeff Freeman (writer, voice, animator), Rachel Citron(producer), and Jason Williams (Director).

There were a lot of great questions, and we were happy with the reaction of the crowd. Master Chief was even there:

Powerhouse also had a room at Fantastic Arcade, which by night doubles as the country Karaoke room at the Highball. It features a pretty sweet Kenny Rogers on velvet.

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