Monday, December 6, 2010

More Epic Mickey Reviews!

Epic Mickey continues to get great reviews and climb the Christmas sales charts.

Powerhouse powered up the new bright red Wii this week and tool some time to see our work in action.

Frank Gabriel, Megan Kluck, Sam Deats and Bruce Tinnin trying out the game.

To check out some more reviews that mention our cinemas, click on the quotes below:
"In addition to the fantastic cut scenes the in-game visuals are also impressive."

"and sharp hand-drawn animation segments appear regularly"

"This story of Epic Mickey is told through a mixture of stylised animated cutscenes that combine the unique Disney style with a rather gritty and worn down artistic direction. The result seems to be a perfect blend to create the perfect atmosphere for this kind of game. Facial expressions in these cutscenes are so simplistic too and yet convey such strong emotions – it’s just so well developed and put together."

Thanks to every one who has been sending us kind comments the past few weeks, it is great to see everyones hard work paying off. Now, go out and buy this game!

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