Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good Ole' P.U.

At Powerhouse we do internal "continuing education" classes on animation once per month. We lovingly refer to it as P.U. (Powerhouse University). It gives our younger folks a chance to learn from some of the more experienced animators and maybe pick up some new tricks and gives our older animators a chance to learn some new technical skills from some of the younger folks.

We are dedicated to keeping traditional animation alive at Powerhouse, so we decided that instead of keeping these lessons to ourselves, we would spread the knowledge with the general public also, just in case we can help inspire and teach other.

You can watch the first two classes; Frank Gabriel's on limited animation dialog techniques and Ronnie Williford's on the Bouncing Ball and Flour Sack here, from youtube, or on our site. Furthermore, we are providing the files from the classes online for you to download and use. Why are being so nice? Seriously. Why are we?

Stay tuned here and on our site at the link above for future classes.  Please do not repost the files without permission.

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  1. Wow, thank you! That was a godsend! Can't wait to see the other videos. Thank you so much!