Friday, June 10, 2011


Brad and Rachel were out in LA all week representing Powerhouse Animation at this year's e3! Check out all the awesome stuff we saw and live vicariously through our adventures below:

We went to check out Hothead's Swarm which we just finished up some cinematic work on. Brad is so excited about this he can't even attempt to hold it back.

We also got to see the first official look at Sony's upcoming Starhawk game for PS3. We are working with local game studio Lightbox Interactive on several cinemas for Starhawk, the first of which debuted this week as well!

Congratulations to our friends at Lightbox who have been working so hard on this. It looks really great and is getting some awesome reviews on Game Rant as well as Kotaku!
We also got to take a look at the new Wii U that everyone has been talking about. Here is the new controller (in the middle, of course).

We took a break from the action for a bit to head next door to the Staples Center where Rachel got to spend some quality time with one of her heroes.
I never realized how tall he was...

At the SOE booth we stopped to watch some folks play FreeRealms and DC Universe Online-- two more projects that Powerhouse contributed to.

One game we are really excited about is Disney's new Disney Universe. It looks like an MMO for kids that allows the user to create a character based on tons of existing Disney properties (such as Aladdin and Jasmine pictured here). We saw some adorable characters based on Monster's Inc's Sully, Lilo and Stitch, and Nemo. Check out more information on the upcoming game on IGN.

Predictably, the trip had to include the obligatory Captain America photo. Here is Brad with some great memorabilia. I think he wanted to take it home with him, but I don't think it would've fit in his office.

We had a great time checking out our first ever e3 and are so excited for everyone that had great work to show off. We are looking forward to all the upcoming releases and can't wait to check out Starhawk and Swarm, amongst many others.

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