Monday, November 26, 2012

Help Dikembe Mutombo Save the World!

On Wednesday, Old Spice launched their latest and most awesomely irreverent campaign to date. Thanks to the fine folks at Wieden + Kennedy, Old Spice's newest spokesperson, retired NBA superstar Dikembe Mutombo has 4 1/2 weeks to save the world!

This campaign is a series of online 8-bit style games that feature Mutombo and his cast of bizarre characters, such as his brilliant and fashionable friend Science Bear. As each game launches, users are introduced to that week's mission via a wacky animated cinematic, and then they must work through the weekly challenge in order to help Dikembe save the world!

Thanks so much to the W+K Portland team for including us in this project! And special thanks to Adam Atomic and Driftlab for their great work on this! We've had a blast working on it so far and can't wait for the rest of the games to launch!

 So far the game has gotten a lot of great press from such outlets as Brand Channel and Yahoo Sports. Check out some of the great coverage below:

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