Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Powerhouse Animation World Tour

Move over Justin Bieber! Powerhouse Animation is going on tour. We are visiting several major cities and coming in a flying Viking ship with demo reels and pastries to rock your faces off.

San Francisco is the first stop on the tour. If you work in the bay area at an ad agency, we might have made a custom version just for you.

Click on the agency you work for:
AKQA, Butler, Tribal, DDB, Goodby, Organic, or Pereira.

If you work at a firm or group in the bay area, shoot us an e-mail with your agency name and we will find the one we custom made for you.

If you don't work at an ad agency in the bay area, poor soul, here is a generic version just for you:

Lyrics and animation by Powerouse Animation. The music was created by the incredibly talented Mr. Carl Thiel.  He did an epic job.

So, give us a shout.  Let us know if you like muffins or bear claws.

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