Monday, February 28, 2011

San Francisco World Tour: Post 2

Things have been going well on the tour so far.

Late last week we went by a few great ad agencies, such as Pereira & O'Dell, AKQA, Draft FCB.

We really enjoyed the fancy screening rooms all the agencies had, like this one at Pereira & O'Dell.
The very amazing Kate Lee from Draft-FCB. She gave us a tour of the studio and then was one of our guests for lunch that day. She invited us to a party at the Bay Area Boat Club on Sunday where a steel-guitar band played and we had hot dogs and the least expensive beer we have had in San Francisco. It was a blast and felt like a family reunion. We really appreciate Kate taking the time with us and making us feel so at home.

The band at the boat club, throughout the day musicians would switch out and the band morphed into something new.

Jason Williams and Rachel Citron, kicking it at the boat club.

One of the many commodores of the boat club. Check out the name. He looks cool enough to be the orginator to us.

The Tour Trio with Kate Lee and Penny.

Over the weekend we met up with Brad's wife Mandy and Jason and Brad spent several hours in a couple parks sketching passers by. Despite the reports of snow, the weather has been really great.

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